Postdoctoral Fellows:

Lukas Liu

Dr. Zhichun “Lukas” Liu is a postdoctoral fellow on the Computational Thinking Counts project. His current work aims at promoting the development and learning transfer of computational thinking among K-12 students and teachers. Dr. Liu’s research focuses on designing and developing active game-based learning experiences to facilitate learners’ knowledge acquisition and transferrable skill development through problem-solving. His research interests also include using quantitative analytics methods (e.g., Hidden Markov Model, Bayesian Network, sequential analysis, and social network analysis) to understand learners’ behavior, competence, discourse, and interactions. Dr. Liu earned PhD in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies from Florida State University in 2020.

Graduate Research Assistants:

Marty Epstein

Hamza Malik

Kun Wang

Zarina Gearty

I am a PhD student studying mathematics education. My research interests are teacher
knowledge, specifically in the topic of operations with positive and negative numbers, and teacher professional development. I am a former middle school math teacher and have my Master’s in math education from Framingham State University. I enjoy reading and learning about innovative teaching practices and methods that make math learning more about conceptual understanding, sense-making and engaging.